Monday, January 10, 2011

Let's clear some things up, BCS Championship style.

First off, I could not care less who wins and who doesn't. This made for TV championship game is a farce. How can they justify that all NCAA Division 1 schools compete for the championship, but only a few are eligible??? Until all schools have a fair shot, I will not recognize any such "Champion" nonsense.

Secondly, having said that, I believe it's, in everyone's best interest if Oregon loses. Why? Because of the nike abominations they are wearing trying to pass them off as uniforms. These are the most hideous things ever seen on an athlete, save Martina Navratilova's under things after a fifth set tie-breaker.
 They even make Seattle's only once seen third jersey look good. And that says something.
 And with all of teh BCS hype throughout the blogging land, I've seen a lot of publicity for Oregons cheerleaders. And good on you. They should get some pub. ( I haven't seen any from Auburn, but I'm not sure if there are good looking women at Auburn... I mean, with all their teeth and everything...)
Please prove me wrong if you can.

But! I have not seen the best Oregon has to offer. And that's a shame. The best, hottest, and undeniably sexiest Oregon cheerleader is none other than my close friend, Kelsi Metzler. End of argument.
 see what I mean?
 I really miss school.
 Beautiful green .. uh... fields...
 Go Team!
 Are you starting to agree with me?
 If not, you look in those eyes and tell her.....
My work here is done.


FanOfReds said...

And to think, I almost put the second to last photo on my blog...

Spankee said...

I'm sure there's an "O-face" joke in there somewhere, but im not going to stoop that low.