Thursday, November 24, 2011

Tony Stewart for the win!

EDIT: so I posted this on monday. Apparently blogger is a Carl Edwards fan as it decided not post it. Boo blogger!

Tony "Smoke" Stewart won his third NASCAR championship yesterday. His first as a driver/owner.

My favourite driver since he moved over from Indy car.... Congratulations Tony!!!


Play at the Plate said...

He's on fire...literally.

dayf said...

Tony Stewart is your favorite driver too? I didn't know that... That's kinda cool.

I mean... He's my favorite driver like Arsenal is my favorite premier league team - I don't get to watch a lot of matches/races and I don't follow the sport all that closely, but I've always liked Tony. Probably because he seems to be the guy most likely to flip out and pop another driver in the jaw out of nowhere, but hey, that counts, right?

Actually Awesome Bill from Dawsonville is my favorite favorite driver and I also love Richard Petty, but they haven't raced in a while.