Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cardboard Musings on 2012-13 Score Football.

I stopped by one of the local card shops today on my lunch. My buddy was on vacation, but he had left behind a brand new box of 2012-13 Score Football on the counter. 

At a buck a pack, how could I go wrong? Let me show you.....

I originally plunked down a 10 spot and grabbed a couple of packs. I opened the first one.


I opened the second one.


On to the third.


The fourth?

Dear gods, what am I doing?

I stopped at four and bought 2012 Euro sticker packets with the rest.

But, I may as well show you so you can be saved the trouble.

The base cards. 300 cards to the base set. I've done better recently with my own customs using Inkscape than this. Nice borders Panini.
 How about the backs? Maybe they're better. Um. No.
 Thanks for telling me the little number in the corner is actually the card number. That helps. Nice use of blank space. Maybe the kids are supposed to take their school notes on these?

Of course there are the obligatory rookies.
 Nice of Justin to stay out of prison long enough for a photo to be taken in anything but a day-glo orange jumpsuit.

Along with five, yes, five parallel sets to the base set.... there are seven different insert sets to chase, each with three different parallel versions. Good luck building a set by buying packs.

Some of the inserts..... Complete Players
 In The Zone!!! (exclamation points mine)
 Numbers game. (I typed Munbers four times before getting it right)
 RC Flashbacks. Really? Do I need an RC Flashback of a 1990 Haywood Jeffires card? I still haven't forgotten the original. Have you? If so... I have several. Just shooot me a comment.
 They look like this if you're interested. Just like Topps reprinting 1975, Panini couldn't quite get the colours right.
 Great. Now I have the Houston Oilers fight song going through my head. Where's my gun?

and of course, Hot Rookies! Now, from a low end set, this is what I'm looking for/expecting. This card actually looks kinda good.
I'm guessing, but it looks like unlike hockey, the 4-5 "key" guys aren't super short printed. Or maybe they are. Who knows?

Anyways, thanks for looking... it'll be the last of this you see around here.

Oh, and here's a video for you. See if you can last through the whole 2:25. I dare you. I double dog dare you.


bamlinden said...

Score's done a nice job with hockey the past couple of years....why can't they get it right with football?

Couldn't even hit play. I want no part of it.

John Bateman said...

the backs do suck I don't know what happen.

Chunter said...