Thursday, January 24, 2013

Good bye, Farewell, So long

The faces, they are a changin'.

Rumour has it that the Braves have finallized a deal with Arizona to acquire left fielder, Justin Upton.

In exchange, Atlanta sends personal favourite Martin Prado...

young stud starter Randall Delgado....

and three prospects. Atlanta also receives 3rd baseman Chris Johnson in the deal.

I can't say as I'm thrilled with the deal. As a LF last year, Prado hit over .300 and was runner up for Gold Glove.
Upton hit .280 and was not in the running for Gold Glove.

Rumour has it that Atlanta was not going to pay Prado his 10-11 million asking price after this year. He makes 4 mil this year.

Upton makes 10 mil this year, and 14.5 mil for each of the next two seasons.

And we give up Delgado.

Now, I'll readily admit, these people are smarter than I am, but someone needs to explain this one to me.

In another deal I'm not too thrilled about that happened a month ago, the Braves swapped Tommy Hanson to the Angels for a reliever.
I'm not happy about it, but I do understand it. Injuries, $$$, too many starters, etc.... I get it. Even with these deals, the Braves still look to have the best pitching in the NL. And that bullpen is nasty good.

I'd show off cards of our new acquisitions, but I don't think I have any. None that I can find, anyway.


AdamE said...

Ontop of all that you forgot to mention that Upton is a douchebag.

Carl Crawford Cards said...

Yeah, tough to see the Braves make those deals. Going all in the next few years I guess.

hiflew said...

The Hanson deal I understand slightly because the Braves thought his arm was nearly toast. Still a less than ideal deal though.

The Upton deal depends on whether Upton can finally live up to his potential. The guys was a former #1 overall pick, so he has the skill. I'm just glad that skill is no longer in Snaketown.

Peterson said...

prado was the last richmond brave to make the big show. that alone makes him likeable in my world.
'sup cannuck.

Jeff said...

As an Angel fan, I'm afraid of the Hanson deal. All the reports I read seem to indicate he is losing velocity, and it just keeps getting worse. Walden is a power arm for the back end of the bullpen.