Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The only Hall of Fame post you need......

I'm not saying I'm not overly thrilled with Maddux and Glavine being elected to the Hall. Most deserving.
But everyone knew that was coming.
Some people deluded themselves into thinking guys like Morris or Martinez (HA!) would be in the running, but no.
But here it is on Canada's National sports page, front and center.... well, maybe down and to the lower left actually.
Behind the lead story that Montreal is starting their backup goalie against the Flyers tonight.
But! It did make it ahead of Michael Bradley signing with Toronto FC! So there's that...

How baseball has fallen over the years... almost an afterthought. Hopefully whomever takes over for that idiot Selig can right some wrongs and bring baseball back.


bamlinden said...

Your thoughts on Maddux not being a unanimous choice? And should Biggio have made it? Shame he missed by just two votes....especially seeing how some of these voters used their ballots.

Marcus said...

It's pretty much the same here in Texas. Well, at least Central Texas. All about the football.

Biggio got jobbed, and anybody who voted for less than 8 people should have to forfeit their voting privileges. But yeah, not surprised at all.

Hackenbush said...

In NE Iowa the sports headlines include high school girls softball in the summer and boys wrestling in the winter. Man I miss Chicago!