Thursday, October 30, 2008

Frank! Make the DAMN call!!!

So it's Free Agent time again. Several key guys have already filed... including our old friend Tex. Several outstanding pitchers have yet to file, but will soon. It'll be an interesting, and expensive time. One guy is still quietly out there. As of yet not announcing his intentions.
His name is John Smoltz. You may call him Sir.
Frank, you need to call him. Now. If anyone deserves the "loyalty, end of career contract", it's Smoltzie. That man has pitched his arm off for the Braves. The all time best post season pitcher. Ever.
Pete Van Wieren summed it up best when talking about John's season ending, and perhaps career ending injury. Pete said;"Knowing John, he'll come back again and win 15 games...... left handed."
Sign him. Sign him now. Put him in the booth if you have to. Let him take over for Chip.
Do Not, I repeat, DO NOT make me suffer the horror of watching him in another uniform.

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