Tuesday, November 16, 2010

closer.... closer.... ever so close now....

You all remember the World Cup. I still miss it. Most of you probably don't. But it's still not quite over. Not until I finish that damn Panini 2010 FIFA World Cup Sticker Book. I will finish it. I promise. I'm a little bit closer now due to a trade arriving in the mail a few days back. From Serbia.
 Yes. Serbia. I'm going to the ends of the Earth to finish this damn book before the end of 2010. Nice of them to stop the war long enough to swap stickers.
Some of the stickers that came trans-Atlantic were Brasil,
 one of the greats to ever play the game, now sadly past his prime, Ronaldinho..
 Mr Higuain, looking more Greek than Argentinian...
 and German keeper Rene Adler. I post Mr Adler for the oddity that in the 2010 World Cup, Germany played two keepers. Panini oddly put two keepers in the German team set, when most countries only got one.
But the two keepers Panini included did not play at all. So we ended up with stickers of two keepers who didn't play, and no stickers of the two that did.
What are the odds?

Now with the help of my LCS (four stickers) and after a trade arrives from a fellow blogger, giving me two more stickers towards my goal, I will be down to needing TWO stickers to complete this set.

#36 and #259.

Somebody, anybody, please help.


dayf said...

I'm going to the card shop that has singles fo stickers this week, I'll see if they have either of those.

darkship said...

I've got #259 hit up my email and it's yours

Jonathan @ RGB Cards said...

Let me look through my dupes for #36. I just bought a box so it might be in there, too.

dayf said...

I got #36!

Let me know if you still need it.