Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hot Dog!

First off, I hope everyone had a safe and happy hallowe'en. I see that most of Detroit is still standing, so that's nice.
Apparently the Giants won more than the pennant. Proving the theory that if no one watches, will there still be a winner. Speaking of Canada of course. Or am I? Apparently regular season football games drew a bigger audience than the World Series. Interesting. I wonder if Bud Selig even noticed.

But enough of that. On with bigger and better things. Like a contest!!!!! Relax. It's too late for you. I already won it.
Justin from The Hopeful Chase held a contest awhile back. Go HERE for the link. He showed a picture, and it was up to us to come up with a caption.
Well wouldn't you know, I won. Sweet. What did I get? First, I got an on card hand signed in person auto of none other than Steven Stamkos. Effin sweet.
 Next, he really threw me for a loop. He sent a Joey Chestnut auto. Now I must confess that although I had heard the name before, I had no idea who he was.
Everyone needs a hobby I guess.

Thanks Justin!!!!


night owl said...

Regular season football won't draw more viewers when there is no regular season football next year.

Then maybe the World Series won't look so bad.

Play at the Plate said...

No regular season football next year? The regular season football here in Dallas doesn't even qualify. The Cowboys are in trouble now that the local media won't be distracted by the Rangers. Congrats on your prize CC!