Sunday, May 29, 2011

Card Show Bounty Baseball style....

At the last card show of the year I managed to pick up some baseball cards. Hard to believe, but there was a couple of sellers there with baseball cards.
Of course, the one list I forgot to bring was my vintage Topps Braves wants/needs. No matter, carry on.

1958 Joe Adcock. These first 6 cards cost me $15. Not great, but something about beggars and choosers comes to mind.
 1954 Bowman Jim Wilson.
 I was thrilled to add this ultra rare sideways variant of this 1972 Hank Aaron card. This could also qualify for Night Owl's badass club in my opinion.
 A 1955 Gene Conley. And I already have it. Always bring your lists kids.
 a 1975 Topps Mini of Johnny Oates. And I already have it. Always, ALWAYS bring your lists kids.
 I was able to add another card to my 1976 Topps set. Only 24 more to go!!!!!!
 I got these next two cards for a $1 apiece. Both black bordered Braves from 2009 OPC baseball.
Brian McCann and
 Jair Jurrjens...
 These next two cards were gifts from two different attendees.
First, a John Smoltz that you can literally use as a mirror. The scan does not reflect that (see what I did there?) But it is that shiny and smooth.
 and a Gold 2011 Bowman Chipper!!!
I also got a few vintage cards not seen here, but they have been mailed off to other bloggers. Or soon will be.
It was great to be able to browse some old baseball cards again.

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