Saturday, October 22, 2011

Delayed Trade Night posting...

I'm only three weeks late in posting this. Which means.... I'm catching up!

I managed to acquire two Braves 'hits' at this trade night. The first is an Alvin Dark auto on a Topps Heritage card.
 The second piece is this Hank Aaron card. It says "Game Used Memorabilia".
 But what does that mean?
You have received a Topps Memorabilia Card. The relic on this card is not from any specific game, event or season.

What the hell does that mean?????? Does it have anything to do with Hank Aaron even??? This could be a floorboard from the dugout from Three Rivers Stadium for all I know.

Does anyone know what Topps has said about these? Anything?

I had to give up a DeSean Jackson '08 Masterpieces auto, a Carlos Ruiz sticker auto from Moments and Milestones, and an '09  Ginter Chase Utley grey jersey.


Nick B. said...

Topps will say "piss off" and enjoy your "memorabilia" from a sheet of plywood Hank once had in his cart at Home Depot but didn't purchase.

shoeboxlegends said...

I like that Alvin Dark, nice looking auto.

Fuji said...

I wrote about Panini and their vague COA's last month. It hurts the value of these cards in the long run... but then again, I'm not sure the manufacturers care.

Sorry you gave up so much for a piece of wood that could be a piece of Aaron's bat or a piece of plywood that once had the name Hank Aaron spray painted on it. I would no doubt be pissed too.