Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I need better sunglasses...

Things have got shiny around here lately. I thought I might share some of the shiny with you. Because everyone likes the shiny, right?
Put on some shades, lower the lights, and take a gander.

First up, one of those Topps Atomic refractors everyone has got all excited about.
 I got this one of Dan Uggla at my card shop the other night. It was a gift from another collector, left there for me to pick up. Very nice.

The next two cards cost me .50 cents each at a card show a couple of weeks back.
 JHey in shiny parallel glory.
 I got Mr Aaron Shiny in a trade package from Cheap Card Collecting two weeks ago.
 And for .25 cents each at that same card show, I picked up these four Braves wrapper redemptions.

First Uggla
 then Jason...
 The Devil Wears Prado...
 and finally BMac.
I now have more Braves shiny in the last couple of weeks then I had all before put together. I'm almost in overload. I think I need to go and look through my '50's Topps Braves binder just to calm down. These cards are for someone who has a.d.d or something.


Aubrey said...

Ha ha, they look carbonated.


Nice cardz, but my iiiiii's !!

Play at the Plate said...

I must have A.D.D. then, cause I love shiny!