Thursday, March 15, 2012

My 3 pack Heritage break

2012 Heritage is here! Yay! Woot woot! Hurrah!
Did I summon up enough excitement for you? You've probably all seen it by now, but I thought I'd show you the results of my 3 pack purchase anyways.

Three packs for $10. Here we go.
The wrapper. Nice and bright, but simple. I like it.
 I'll show off all of the hits first.
Braves pitcher Mike Minor. (yes, pulling a Brave = a hit.... my blog, my rules)
 Braves pitcher, and Rookie of the Year, Craig Kimbrel. The photographer seems to have convinced Craig to climb something very high for this shot...
 One of those useless shiny refractory inserts of Dan Haren. It's up for swap.
 A flashback from 1963... this one of John Kennedy's assassination.
 Dustin Pedroia's game used something or other.... I have to say, I'd have been happier pulling another Brave instead... but Jack Plumstead's luck came through
 On to the cards themselves.... (yeah, only two Braves for me out of three packs)

Floating Heads!
 Elvis seems happy even though either him or that light tower is about to be hit by lightning.
 Cliff Pennington rocking the casual look at some neighbourhood park. Is that a portapotty in the background??
 Kyle Weiland and a chain link fence. There are not enough  chain link fences on today's baseball cards.
 Yankee rookie Andrew Brackman. This is not a trick perspective of the camera. Andrew is almost as tall as that light tower. 6' 10" and still growing. Maybe they just gave him Randy Johnson's old uniform. Gotta save a buck here and there ya know!
 The backs are okay. A little write up, and some stats. The only issue I have is with the cartoons. See here on Kyle's card....
 and Andrew's card....
Out of 20 cards with cartoons on the back, this cartoon appeared four times. And another cartoon three times. Is it that hard to sketch something a little different? Talk about saving a buck or two.

I would really like to build this set... but doing it by pack is out. Maybe I can pick up a lot online or something. We'll see.
Anyone else going to build it?


CaptKirk42 said...

Heritage certainly is a beaut series. The cartoon-gate thing really sucks. Maybe they are just recycling a limited number of the old 1960s 'toons they have. I'm the same sort of way with the chromy stuff.

Love the "my blog my rules" line I might have to borrow it sometime.

bamlinden said...

"Is that a portapotty in the background" might be quote of the year material.

Especially since the answer is - YES.

Collective Troll said...

I was very excited to see yer take on 2012 Heritage and you didn't disappoint, you never do!
I WILL be chasing this set. I have 14 cards out of 500 so far, but I am a big fan of 1963 Topps and I took the last year off from Heritage (I never liked '62 anyway) in the attempt to save. That didn't work (never does) but I do plan on trying to do something with this set. The short prints will be nuts, but they always are... I am in though... Good luck!

Hairylemon said...

What would it take to prise the floating heads card from you?

Play at the Plate said...

Now I'll be chasing those dang JFK cards for my presidents collection.

Uncle John's Band said...

The "TM" trademark notation is almost as big as rest of the letters. I had to think for a second "What is 'ALTM'?"

Martyn said...

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