Saturday, February 2, 2013

Premier League Contest - Match 25

What better way to celebrate Match 25 than with Southampton's biggest supporter, Lucy.

Lucy is very excited her Saints are back in the Premier League.

I'm very glad that United beat them on Wednesday.

All games are this weekend so let's get your posts in by Monday afternoon.

And with the results from midweek, we can officially start the countdown to the Championship.

With 14 matches remaining... QPR has been eliminated. United now only needs to eliminate 18 more clubs!

Man Utd 2459
Man City 2452
Chelsea 2446
Tottenham 2442
Everton 2441
Arsenal 2438
Liverpool 2435
Swansea 2434
West Brom 2434
Stoke 2430
Sunderland 2429
Fulham 2428
West Ham 2427
Norwich 2427
Newcastle 2424
Southampton 2423
Reading 2420
Wigan 2420
Aston Villa 2420
QPR 2416

and as always... Go United!


Martyn said...

I don't want any team to win the premiership this year lol

Richard Nebe Jr. said...

Jimmy Kebe scores the first goal for Reading, followed by a goal from Sunderland's Craig Gardner to tie up the game. The winning goal for Reading is shot by Jimmy Kebe at the 84 minute mark for a 2-1 victory by Reading over Sunderland.

Commishbob said...

Man U hasn't played yet but I gotta say these posted gals are getting better every week!

Commishbob said...

Man U 1-Fulham 0 Very fun game. Lots of chances on both sides.

79 minute goal by Rooney. Double digit goal again for him. How many years in a row?

jackplumstead said...

Fulham undone by Rooney in the 79th minute. Plenty of chances for Fulham.
Do you really want Manchester United to win the Premiership again????

Captain Canuck said...

why yes. Yes I do.

Al Kawamoto said...

Lucy says:

Wigan 2

Gary Caldwell (25)
Shaun Maloney (90)

Southampton 2

Rickie Lambert (64)
Morgan Schneiderlin (85)

Chuck's Used Cards said...

Liverpool squander another one.

Liverpool 2 (Sturrage, Gerrard)

Man City (Dzeko, Aguero)

why, oh why can't we buy a quality goalkeeper ?

Play at the Plate said...

Figures the team I picked would be first out...

dayf said...

Arsenal 1 Stoke 0.
Podolski with the goal, I think. Blogger does not like Android and I can't go back and check without losing my comment.