Saturday, April 6, 2013

Premier League Contest - Match 31

Welcome to Match 31... only 8 matches left for some, 7 for the rest. Can City catch United? Who can avoid the drop?

Let's take a quick look at the table....

Man Utd 3077
Man City 3062
Tottenham 3157
Chelsea 3055
Arsenal 3053
Everton 3051
Liverpool 3148
West Brom 3144
Swansea 3140
Fulham 3039
West Ham 3036
Southampton 3134
Stoke 3134
Norwich 3134
Newcastle 3133
Sunderland 3131
Wigan 3030
Aston Villa 3130
QPR 3123
Reading 3123

with this weekend's matches, a win by United will eliminate Tottenham, Chelsea, and Arsenal. The best the Gunners can hope for is a tie for the title, but goal differential will probably doom them anyways.
A draw from United will also knock out Arsenal, and hold Tottenham to a possible tie.

But the match of the week I feel, is QPR hosting Wigan. Here is where the drama lies. QPR and Reading are most certainly relegated, but the battle will be for that third spot. Only 4 points seperate 7 teams. At stake are millions and millions of dollars.

Let's see who wants it.

United and City play on Monday, with rumours that United will rest players. (Sir Alex would do just that to antagonize Mancini)... so get your comments in by Tuesday lunch please.

Go United!


Jeff said...

Just think if MLB had relegation. The Pirates and Phillies would have been in the IL i the 40's and the Browns would have been in the AA earlier.

Richard Nebe Jr. said...

South Hampton's Jay Rodriguez and Adam Lallana both fire shots past Adam Federici in route to another 2-0 Victory over Reading. And I thought Acorns were only good for atracting tree-rats!! (Squirrel!!)

dayf said...

Arsenal 2 West Brom 1
Tomas Rosicky with two goals and I'm too distracted by the Braves to think of anything funny to say today

Chuck's Used Cards said...

Liverpool 0 West Ham 0


Al Kawamoto said...

Southhampton 2

Jay Rodriguez and Adam Lallana

Reading 0

Commishbob said...

City 2, Man U 1

Vincent Kompany on an OG for the only United score. I don't care who scored for City