Saturday, April 20, 2013

Premier League contest - Match 34

welcome to Match 34, the mid afternoon edition. Most of the matches for today are over, but there's still more fun tomorrow and monday.

Looking at the table, which I believe to be accurate up to the minute, we see the bottom three all losing today.

Man Utd 3381
Man City 3268
Arsenal 3463
Chelsea 3261
Tottenham 3258
Everton 3456
Liverpool 3350
West Brom 3345
Swansea 3342
West Ham 3442
Fulham 3440
Southampton 3439
Norwich 3438
Sunderland 3437
Stoke 3437
Newcastle 3437
Aston Villa 3334
Wigan 3331
QPR 3424
Reading 3424

Sunderland scored a huge home win today over Everton, surly securing a spot in next season's Premier league. Unless Newcastle, Stoke, or Villa fall.... we'll say goodbye to Wigan.
These next few matches are going to be exciting!

At the top end, the fat lady is warming up as United look to secure the title before the last month of the season even gets here.


dayf said...

Arsenal sleepwalk through a 1-0 win over Fulham where they had a man advantage practically the whole damn game.

Mertesacker with the lone goal.

After that stinker I get to hold my nose again and root like hell for Man Chitty and Liverpool tomorrow.

Richard Nebe Jr. said...

Reading lost yet another match to Norwich.Ryan Bennett and Elliott Bennett both find the net for Norwich while Gareth McCleary score the lone goal for Reading.

Chuck's Used Cards said...

Liverpool 2 Chelsea 2

Sturridge. Suarez.

Suarez - Dr. Jeckyl, Mr. Football.

Brilliant footballer, pschopathic biter.

Commishbob said...

Man U 3 Ashton Villa Zip

Actually it was Robin Van Persie 3 Ashton Villa Zip. Do they call it a hat trick in the EPL?