Thursday, April 3, 2014

More stuff for the burn pile.... or maybe not.

In my latest efforts to acquire actual cardboard, not that stuff they use today that is pretty much water proof, I have three more goodies to show off today.

from the 1955 Topps set, two cards. For some reason the 1955 set is very under rated among collectors. Almost the red headed stepchild of the '50's sets if you will.
Sure, there's no Mantle or Ford.... but it's still a great set. Anyone who thinks otherwise is more than welcome to send me their unwanted '55's to me, where they will be very much welcomed and appreciated.

David Jolly
paid - $2.10 (COMC)

I didn't know a lot about Jolly, so I went looking. He played in the bigs for five seasons. ('53-'57) All but one of his appearances were as a reliever. This card shows him coming off of his best year. In 1954 he went 11-6 with a 2.43 era. His finished in the top ten for winning percentage, appearances, games finished and saves.
In his five seasons (all with the Braves) he was second on the team in total appearances.
Dave passed away in 1963 at the age of 38.

Jim Pendleton
paid - $2.95 (COMC)

Jim was an outstanding shortstop in the Negro Leagues during the late '40's. By the time he got his shot as a rookie with the Braves, he was thirty years old. He hit seven homers that rookie year, eight in his last year as a pro, but only four in the six years between.
He was out of pro ball at the end of the 1959 season, but came back for one last season with the new expansion Houston Colt .45's.
Jim passed away in 1996 at the age of 72.

Now we move away from one of the least admired sets, to one of the most admired. Some call it the best. I certainly think it is. Definitely top two.

1953 Topps Sid Gordon.
paid - $4.00 (COMC)

There is nothing not to like about that card.

Sid was a damn good player, playing from 1941 through 1955. (save for taking a two year "vacation" in 1944-45 to travel Europe.)
1953 was Sid's last or four years with the Braves. In those four years, he hit 100 homers, 362 RBI's and batted .289

Sid passed on in 1975 at the age of 57.


The Chop Keeper said...

Great pickups! I love the '53s; I've been wanting to get the '53 Gordon as well. Very good player- been thinking of picking up more of his cards!

bamlinden said...

Those look great. And some sweet prices too.

Any chance you could lug a few of me along to trade night? I'd love to see them in person.

Mark Hoyle said...

You picked up some great cards from two of the best sets