Friday, May 23, 2014

It's coming...

and to prepare ourselves, let's dive into a little Panini Prizm. You were probably expecting stickers... but I'm not quite done my book yet. Only about 65 to go.

So until then you get Prizm.

Back in 2010, Panini put out one of the best card sets of the modern era for the World Cup. I loved it. I never did finish the set because boxes and packs dried up so fast. (if you have any of those cards, hit me up... seriously. Here's a link to that rather sadly written post four years ago. LINK )

This World Cup? We get Prizm. (insert Price is Right fail horn here) On the plus side, they improved Prizm from the offerings found in baseball and hockey. And the autograph checklist is fantastic, Although it's unbelievably hard to pull one.

Here we go... Packs of 6 cards are $6, Hobby boxes have 24 packs of 6 cards and are $130. Hanger boxes are $20 and have 4 packs of 6 cards.

I bought a hanger box, and then did some old fashioned swapping to get a bunch of base cards from a couple of cracked hobby boxes.

The box... nothing special, and it didn't scan well either.

the wrapper. Did I mention you get 6 cards per pack?

The base. I grabbed a few of the Manchester United cards I had available. You're welcome.

Javier Hernandez. you may call him Chicharito.

Nani. Panini added some much need colour to Prizm, focusing on team colours.

Valencia! His play faltered when Rafael got hurt. This winger needs a fast right back to play behind him.

Mr Van Persie. Can the Dutch finally take it all?

The 'Fro.

He's not a United player, but just in case Dayf is still awake.

There are several insert sets included as well such as World Cup Stars.

Team cards. This insert is actually a parallel of an insert. It's a refractor prizm.

Of course there are also parallel sets to chase. In fact, every card, including inserts, have multiple parallel versions.
Here's a purple prizm

This is called a 'Red and Blue Blue Wave Prizm'. And no, I didn't stutter.

This is a Yellow and Red Pulsar Prism.

and of course the Red White and Blue Power Plaid Prizm.

(No, I did not make that up.)

In fact, let's see if I can name all of the insert sets and the parallels. Chime in if you think I missed any.

Base set (201 cards)

Insert sets...

Aerial Assault
Cup Captains
Eusebio Tribute
Fuleco Tribute
Fans of the Game
Net Finders
Combo Signatures
World Cup Match Ups
Team Photos
World Cup Posters
World Cup Stars

Now... I'd say 90% of those cards also comes in all of these parallels.

Black Prizm
Blue Prizm
Red and Blue Blue Wave Prizm
Purple Prizm
Gold Prizm
Gold Power Prizms
Green Crystal Prizms
Red Prizms
Yellow and Red Pulsar Prizms
Red White and Blue Power Plaid Prizms

Yikes. Good luck building THAT master set.

19 days and counting........


The Dutch Card Guy said...

Van Persie !!!!!

Superduperman99 said...

I'd be interested in any of the US cards you pulled. Email me at if you want to start getting a trade going. Thanks.

shoeboxlegends said...

Those look nice. Crap, now I think I have another set to collect. I wonder if the local Target has these...