Sunday, February 28, 2016

Even closer..... 1972 edition.

Another two cards closer. Today we're talking about 1972 Topps. Unlike yesterday's post about 1976 Topps, today it's all about a team set.
If you think I'm going to try and make a '72 set without access to American card shows you are nuts.

I was able to pick up a couple of high numbers in nice shape for .75 cents each. Now these aren't the insane Series 6 high numbers.... these are the are you crazy Series 5 high numbers.

#591 Paul Casanova
 and #601 George Stone.
I now need one Series 3 card, one Series 5 card and five, yes, five Series 6 cards.

#348 Sal Bando
#540 Felix Milan
#675 Pat Jarvis
#740 Rico Carty
#758 Gil Garrido
#764 Dusty Baker
#787 Ron Reed

closer and closer....


bamlinden said...

Saw a few 70's baseball cards at the antique show yesterday. Boy did I ever feel like a kid as I sifted through them. I like the design on these ones.

Nice pickups. Slow and steady.

Mark Hoyle said...

As someone who completed this set a few years back I can feel your pain. The high numbers are crazy.

Fuji said...

This is awesome! I have so much respect for guys like you who build these vintage sets. The high numbers were way too pricey for me, so I cheated and ended up buying a completed set on eBay. Best of luck on your final seven.