Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Finally! Thank you..

for those of you have been reading my ramblings for awhile now, you probably know my absolute disdain for the "media". I'm not talking about people who report the news. I'm talking about the people who create stuff and call it news. Finally someone in the news, has had enough.

It's a sad day when a singer without underwear, or a golfer who strays from the sanctimony of marriage qualifies as news.
Reporters = news
Journalists = story writers. Get a job on FOX if you want to write stories.

And it's not just them, it's the few (I hope) people who hang on their every word, waiting to find out what tattoo Britney just got. Thank the gods for twitter! As if 14 year old girls needed yet another excuse to communicate on the phone.

That's all I have time for... feel free to comment if you agree or disagree.. I wish I had more time to rant, but I'm going out and won't be back until late tonight. And it had to be said.


cynicalbuddha said...

Man I could rant about that for days. Fox news pisses me off something fierce, and Sarah Palin makes me ashamed she was my govenor, though I didn't vote for her, quitter. And to be honest CNN isn't much better either. Glenn Beck is an asshat douche, but it makes me realize if someone that stupid and out of touch can get a show on Fox News maybe I've got a show in showbiz.

Honestly I'd rather listen to BBC world news or even the CBC. Are you finding that Canadian news outlets are just as bad as ours here?

dogfacedgremlin said...

I can't believe that stations new director didn't pull the plug during that little editorial comment. What would have made that better?...

If the Ice Girl of the Week had given that little diatribe.

Tim said...

Wow.....bout time someone let's it fly!

Play at the Plate said...

That's Dale Hansen from Channel 8 (ABC) here in Dallas. I heard him on the radio today discussing that little rant, which I actually saw live as I was getting ready for work. He said the news director didn't want to see the script for the editorial and said he trusted Dale would be fair. I think he was pretty harsh (deservedly so), but fair in his comments. He does those editorial "Hansen Unplugged" segments from time to time during the sports segment and also on Friday mornings. He said the ones aired during sports are not pre-screened by the news director, but the ones on Friday morning are pre-screened.

Personally, I thought it was great and I agree with him 100%.

Anonymous said...

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night owl said...

Fortunately, there are a number of news organizations that did not feel the Jones thing was worthy of publicity. It didn't even make it on the several news wires that we receive at my newspaper. And I saw a few national broadcasters/journalists dismiss this as being a "story," too.

Unfortunately, there are many, many, many people who hang on the latest gossip about whatever person happens to be famous at the moment. And as long as those people -- who are so unsatisfied with their lives that they have to follow every moment of some worthless singer/actor -- exist, then those kind of stories will exist. TMZ isn't going away soon.

As someone in the news business, I am very bothered by the "Hollywoodification" of the sports scene. It is increasing. The NFL, especially, has been turned into some sort of weekly soap opera. Often, I read a story, and if I can't find a news aspect in it, it does not make the sports section.

ESPN fills its daily "news" broadcast with non-stories on a daily basis, especially during NFL season.

Also, the Associated Press is a growing contributor to this trend, which is disturbing because a lot of newspapers and television stations rely on the AP. But as annoying as the AP can be, a greater problem may be the increased visibility of a number of "news" Web sites that specialize in these type of "stories."

Throw in people's growing reliance on solely the Web for their news without also going to other mediums to get as balanced a picture/viewpoint as possible, and I fear that these kind of stories will continue virtually unchecked.

You knew I'd have some thoughts didn't you?