Friday, July 16, 2010

You may want to cover your eyes...

so it's official... the entire planet is opening Allen&Ginter. I get it. Well, I used to get it. I don't anymore. I can just go buy the 350 card set online for $15. In fact, I just did. But, to each their own. Have fun busting boxes and in a few instances, cases. Nutjobs......

I went to my LCS last week to pick up some more packets of stickers to bust during the World Cup Finals. He had Ginter sitting on the counter for $5 a pack. I grabbed two packs. This is where I need a sidekick. Someone to say to me at times like this.... "Are you sure you wanna do that?"

May I present to you, the worst pack of baseball cards ever.

264 Captain Nemo.
248 Jason Marquis
273 David DeJesus
112 Tyler Bradt
125 Hideki Matsui regular back mini. All I heard is how hard it is to get a regular back mini and
I get one first pack. Of course Matsui is shown doing something he hasn't done in 7 years. Wear a glove. And to think, there are still a few out there who like the DH.

269 AJ Burnett - no scans of a Yankee
TDH51 Gordon Beckham
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This is why I don't buy this crap anymore.
In Pack Two, I did get a hit and an SP.

Shane Freakin' Reynolds.
with an authentic game used bat used by Shane to strike out at least three times.
other cards....
18 Jose Lopez
142 Ubaldo Jiminez
61 Michael Cuddyer
TDH23 Dan Haren
292 Chris Pettit mini A&G back
327 Vernon Wells SP
all cards are for trade.... you know the drill.


Tunguska said...

Anyone sent you a Ginter Heyward yet?

If not I'll gladly send you one for Wells and Nemo

dayf said...

Shane Reynolds? He hasn't pitched since 2004.

night owl said...

I can sort of see buying a whole set at once, although it goes against every collecting instinct that I have.

But blowing money on stickers with head shots of soccer players?

That, I will never understand.

Anonymous said...

Prevention is better than cure...................................................

Jason said...

Seems A&G is the perfect set to have a few Hensley Meulens cards in uniforms he never had cards Arizona or Montreal. Yet no sign. Some random kayaker, sure...but no Bam Bam. It's no wonder I don't buy these cards.

Colbey (flywheels) said...

I should probably just buy the set as well, but I'm having too much fun busting retail packs. So far I've pulled 2 autos - 1 from a blaster and 1 from 1 of 2 rack packs. I won't keep the autos though, but hopefully they'll make good trade bait.

Hackenbush said...

I'm with you on this one, Brian.

NMCLax24 said...

I totally need that sidekick! He would have saved me $35 the other day when I bought 5 packs of hobby A&G at $7 a pack! Duuuuuhhh, what was I thinking? I was looking to finally pull a hit out of ginter, but still no luck. I could have bought the entire base set and 5 boxes worth of relics for that price.

Aubrey said...

I hadn't had the chance to see any of these yet, but I did have a good laugh while reading the checklist. King Tut, Regis Philbin, Yadier Molina, Area 51... This might be the most retarded set of cards ever. And how the eff did they authenticate Charles Dickens' hair?

Chuck's Used Cards said...

Thanks for the warning ... although A&G hasn't had any soccer players since Freddy "where the hell am I" Adu. I stopped after the first issue in 2006.

Topps will never include their greatest fear - soccer over baseball !

That's why you get dead peots and dinosaurs ...

give me soccer stickers with head shots anyday - I know that at least they hold their value ... look at 2006 World Cup $tickers set - already go for $40 - 60 and good world-wide.

Chuck's Used Cards said...

PS - I love the hockey stickers Panini made ... wish they would bring those back !