Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Trading with a Yankees fan....

Okay, first off, I know I haven't been around.... it's World Cup time, and it's hotter than Hades around here. So I've been..... secluded you might say. Others might say I've been hiding in the cool basement refusing to come out. But who listens to "others"?

So to get back in the swing of things, I thought I might put up a trade post. Those of you who don't care, may leave now.... or continue staring at the latest World Cup girl, whichever. But I warn you.... this is no ordinary trade post. This is a weird one.... maybe you can help figure it out.

It's from Sooz. World renowned Yankee fan. But that's okay. We still like her. Well, most of us do.

A couple of weeks ago I had casually inquired (or maybe there was begging involved) about some Chippers she had, along with some 2010 Bowman Braves. Sooz, being the great trader she is, mentioned that she had some Topps Series 2 Braves that she would throw in too. Perfect. All that's left is the waiting. Well wait no more. The package is here. It arrived the day that I got off my butt and mailed her package. (oops. Sorry Suzy)

It starts off according to plan.... 2010 Bowman Braves....

Jair, who should have got the win against the Phillies last night after throwing a two hitter, but the Braves chose to win in extra time.

The best hitter in baseball, Mr All Star, Martin Prado

another All Star, the Old Man, Tim Hudson.

The injured one, who if he wants to go back to the All Star game, must go back to Pittsburgh.

A BMac! And it's Gold! meh..... nice pic though.

some ex-Yankee that we got for Javy.

and his gold version as well.

along with a Smoltz insert. Somebody, anybody... please swap him onto radio and bring Don Sutton back to TV. Thanks.

Now here is where the trade starts to sway.... instead of Topps Series 2, we get a dose of Topps Chicle.

The Future.

BMac - 5 All Star Games in four years of playing. Not bad.

Mr Lucky... or Mr Run Support.

Jair doing his best Tiger Woods smile.

Nate looking like one of those Asian blow up dolls.

Mr Murphy.

and another Mr Murphy.... holy crap.

Game Used Bat Baby! I love you Suzy! Nevermind what I say about the Yankees. They don't deserve you.

Okay, so maybe the Topps Series 2 is next? She just wanted to surprise me with the Murph?

No. Instead, I got these.

and these..

not a Brave in sight. Seriously though? Sometimes I just don't get women. Am I complaining though? Not a chance. These are pretty cool cards. And in case you didn't look to closely, there was this little number.

It is currently on ebay with a BIN of $100,000
Sooz has taken care of my retirement. Thanks Sooz!
btw, if you're interested in the Strasburg, after purchase, mention that you read this blog and I'll throw in free shipping....


night owl said...

So, Strasburg is a throw-in now?

How quickly they fall.

Anonymous said...


yankeesjetsfan said...

Looks like your did well on your end of the trade. Congrats.


Yumiko said...

interested in the John Ely card


Sooz said...

Lol, i don't think those Topps 100 were meant for you. I think I mixed up part of the trade.

the topps series 2 are sitting on a table and I noticed them after I sent the package. I'll be sending those along soon.

I got the Kouz cards you sent me and I love them. Expect to see the Series 2 soon.

Sorry about the mix up, but just think of them as an added bonus.