Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jerry Jones, just send me a cheque.

I think I just solved your right tackle issue. Until Kosier gets healthy, cut that idiot Barron and go with this guy. He won't cost much. you don't even have to get him pads.

Somewhere, Roger Goodell and Tom Brady are shaking in their Uggs. That hit would've blown Brady's skirt clean off.


beardy said...

What is a "cheque"?

You'd better not mean a "CHECK", Canada boy.

stusigpi said...

Whatever dude. That was a horrible run by the guy with the ball. Drop your shoulder! Instead he dropped his face into the guy's forearm. Plus in American football, we don't stop the game and reach into the guys shorts to congratulate him.

Aubrey said...

God I love rugby. Unfortunately, that guy wouldn't make it in the NFL. The refs would penalize him every other play.