Friday, October 15, 2010

it's only 152 million....

if anybody still cares, the next round of the baseball playoffs starts tonight. Apparently they are trying to imitate the basketball playoffs and have it last longer than the regular season. But anyways....

The Yankees take on the Texas Rangers. And yes, the Yankees as a team have a payroll that is 152 million dollars more than Texas for the 2010 season. Holy. Crap. Talk about free spending.... let's break that down a bit shall we?

If you added the Rangers payroll to the Cubs payroll, it still would not equal the Yankees. The Cubs have the third highest payroll in baseball.

If you take Texas' highest paid player, Michael Young, and add Mark Teixeira to it, you still don't get to Alex Rodriguez type numbers.

Four of the top five highest paid Rangers were added via trade this season. Imagine the difference before!

The Texas Rangers playoff starting rotation of Cliff Lee, C.J. Wilson, Colby Lewis and Tommy Hunter added together, make less than Mariano Rivera.

The Yankees won 95 games at $207 million. The Rangers won 90 at $55 mil. The Yankees paid $30.4 million per extra win. PER WIN!!!

If you TRIPLED the salary of EVERY Texas Ranger, and had them sign Mark Teixeira away from the Yankees, the Yankees payroll would still be more.

I guess it just goes to show, buy smart and you will succeed. If you're not smart, then throw un-imaginable amounts of money at enough players and you'll probably win too.

This is why baseball hasn't been the Nation's Pastime for years. Until every team plays on the same field by the same rules, crap like this is going to happen. Kudos to the Yankees for buying all those titles before the Idiot Selig is gone and someone with a brain changes the rules so that everyone is equal.


shanediaz82 said...

Amen brother! My number one biggest gripe about the sport of baseball...and I'm a Red Sox fan. They're almost as bad as the Yankees. Completely unfair.

I know there are arguments about some owners (I think I've heard the Pirates) who don't even spend most of what they make in profit, but to that I say cap and floor, not just cap.

Imagine being a Kansas City Royals fan...

cynicalbuddha said...

Meow! Or a Brewers fan. Go Rangers.

night owl said...

Although I agree that there is an imbalance in baseball regarding the Yankees and that it is a problem, I doubt it has much to do with the fact that baseball is not Americans' No. 1 sports anymore.

Football has pandered to just about every lifestyle choice and interest of the modern American sports fan, and that's why it is the No. 1 sport in the U.S. It is more digestible to the current American fan for a variety of reasons. The NFL is a giant marketing machine. And people are buying the product, no matter how crappy it is, because it's convenient for them.

I'm proud that baseball hasn't whored itself out like football has (although it's getting more and more skanky by the year).