Thursday, October 7, 2010

Shiny chromey goodness....

I went to visit my LCS today. Not the dude that runs it, just the store.... and while I'm there he gets a rather large box delivered. He gets WAAAAAAAYY better mail days than I do. Out of the box he pulls boxes of 2010 Topps Chrome Baseball. 3 packs for $10. Let's see how I did.

First off, I would like to again thank the nice customer who after cracking a box of this, gave me all of the Braves he got in his box (4 of 'em) because, of course, I didn't get a sniff in my packs.

First card, Tommy Hanson (replacing some nameless Mets RC that I actually pulled)
Tommy reminds me that it's time to clean my scanner bed. That's one of the great things about chrome, it reminds me to do a little dusting.

Next, the mummified version of Andrew McCutchen
 Josh "I'm not in the playoffs this year" Beckett
 and the only insert I pulled out of 3 packs, a chrome Heritage Martin prado. I guess I did pull a Brave.
not bad, but not new either. It's the same every year. Buddy next to me pulled a Blue Refractor Pujolies... those look nice, as usual.

Since I didn't buy any 2010 baseball at all this year, I would've bought a box, but Chrome football is out next week. No brainer. Wait until next week and go pigskin.

If anyone is working on a set of this, let me know your wants and if I have any, I'll send 'em your way.

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Peterson said...

Howdy, s'been a while...anyway. I am still working the chrome heritage set...see my wantlist on sidebar