Monday, October 25, 2010

yet another quality control issue....

Topps is long known for their airbrushing. Back in the day, we didn't know any better, but still as a 5 year old not knowing what he was looking at, I still didn't like it. But it was the only game in town, so we lived with it. Fast forward 30 years or so. Topps is the only game in town, and we still have airbrushing.
But besides that, in their frenzy to try and fool us with their artistic techniques, they make other mistakes. Sometimes big ones.

why can't they ever get the socks right?
 Notice anything odd about Mr Burnett here? Unless there was some sort of super duper short print subset that no one told Canuck about, I think in their haste to colour by numbers, Topps forgot a major part of the card design.

What the hell is Topps doing? When does Upper Deck get their licence back again?


G_Moses said...

Hey, Oregon is number 1 in the polls - maybe he's just a fan, lol.

Anonymous said...

Upper Deck get's their license back when they pay their bills :)