Thursday, February 3, 2011

2011 Topps - Canadian Edition! Venez voir à l'intérieur!

While I was at the card store yesterday, look what arrived! 2011 Topps! Canadian Edition! People were lined up outside his door! (okay, everybody waiting, 3 people, were waiting for 2010/11 UD SPx Hockey, but that's not important.)
I managed to grab the first pack in the onslaught. Let's crack her wide open and see the difference from the U.S. edition.

The next Yankee DH, Albert Pujols.
 Hey! My first Brave! Omar Infante! Wait. Omar was traded at the beginning of November. Seriously, when were these printed?
 In fact, a closer look at the checklist, thanks tungaska, shows that 4 out of 12 Braves in the set were cut or traded months ago. 4 out of 12! That's, uh... 1 carry the 2... 33% of the team set!!! Way to stay current Topps! Don't rest on that monopoly. Keep on the cutting edge!

A Rod....
 History of Topps insert. Seriously? Keep this crap out of my pack.
 The closest thing I got to a real Brave, the back of Brian McCann on a Brett Wallace card.
 Topps 60 Felix Hernandez insert crap thingie that no one cares about.
 A Cory Luebke rookie. I know it's a rookie because it says so three times on the card. Me smrt like dumptruck.
 and a really cool shiny card! It must be a hit! It's.... a Matt Garza of the Rays Toppstown decoy waste of cardboard. Wait. Matt Garza of the Rays? Ain't he a Cub? Good job again Topps.
All in all, I could like the base set. After all, it's the Topps base set. And if I were to collect a baseball set this year, it would be Topps. Wait. What choice would I have? Nevermind. My problems with this set are the antiquated checklist and the overabundance of useless inane inserts. What worries me is that I know there are more, but I just didn't get any in my pack.
My grade of the day, a C+

Oh, yeah, you were wondering about the whole Canadian/U.S. differences.... well there aren't any. I just made that up so you'd actually read this among the 33,265 different 2011 Topps blog posts out there.
Hey, it worked, didn't it?


Chris Mays said...

For the life of me, I don't understand why there hasn't been an Eric Hinske card yet with him in a Braves uniform. He's only allowed to appear on a card when he plays in the AL East? Rick Ankiel blows and he gets a card. Nate McLouth sucked to high heaven last year, had fewer at bats and still gets a card.

Is it obvious I need a Hinske for my Braves binder?

cubsfan731 said...

The picture on that Wallace card is the same one that I used for my custom Heritage card:

Captain Canuck said...

@Chris Mays - agreed sir. wholeheartedly.

Colbey said...

I echo Chris' request for a Hinske card. Why McLouth got a card is beyond me.

cynicalbuddha said...

You got me. Damn Canadians and their tricky ways. I'll agree most of the inserts are pretty lame and pretty much a carry over from last year. But I like the Kimball mini's and I actually like the base design. Your the second post I've seen on the negative side, Too many Grandersons was way more catty, but both ring true Topps has only offically been out a day and the love fest is over. It is after all just Topps flagship set, were we expecting gold? No but maybe diamonds?

Derek said...

I would like to 3rd the request for a Hinske. I feel like every trade I've done in the past 2 months included a Mclouth card. So in here's to hopes that he rebounds and becomes a hall of famer starting....NOW

Nathan said...

Haha, got me too. I figured they'd printed them half in French or something.

Baseballislife1984 said...

I wish Topps would put some more effort into series one and two! It's been downhill every single year since the mid 2000's

G_Moses said...

That's funny. I'm actually surprised that Topps doesn't print a Spanish edition of their cards. Money to be had there.

McCann Can Triple said...

I wanna know why isn't there a McCann card in series 1?

dogfacedgremlin said...

You should have reversed the images or something to make it more convincing. That would have been great. Can you imagine it? People would have freaked out over a Canadian version. You could have started a major controversy.

Classon Ave said...

The inserts are killing me, it seems like there are more every year. As if completing the set wasn't hard enough, they have to put 3 or 4 crappy inserts in each pack (they're crap, regardless of ebay resale value).

How about going back to just one redemtion card that can be sent in with 12 wrappers and the price of a hat, to be redeemed for a hat and chance to win a trip to an all-star game.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe we had 2011 Topps in Canada the same day they had it in the States. I really thought we'd have to wait an extra 2 weeks or something.

I like it, but it feels almost like just another series of 2010 Topps... which I really liked, but hopefully next year they'll do something a bit different.