Friday, February 4, 2011

Chew on this... NOT 2011 Topps related.

Okay, so if you need salvation from 2011 Topps, Stick around and chew on this. Awhile back, I won a contest on Community Gum. No surprise there, he hosts contests every other day it seems. Well, let me correct myself. I participated in a contest.... I ended up answering something like one question right out of 10 or something, and Jon took pity on me and sent me a prize regardless. Kind of like one of those pathetic participation ribbons you see kids get at school nowadays.

But in this case, that means more cards for me....

A Tommy Glavine #/25
 Smoltzie! #/150
 and a Josh Anderson auto.
Thanks for the cards Jon! Check out Community Gum and maybe win some of your own cards. These are mine.


McCann Can Triple said...

I mailed your winnings from my contest last week. (Chipper trash can) Not sure how long it takes to get from South carolina to Canada.

I had to fill out a custom sheet. Contents of package :Baseball cards

Community Gum said...

See, and I was worried too many people would be posting Moments and Milestones after my contest. Thank you, 2011 Topps for actually making these a reprieve!
Glad the border patrol didin't detain the cards for questioning.