Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Look what I found! Part 356

As some of you know, I'm a very organized person. Neat and orderly. Except for my card collection. Go figure. But I've been working on it. And I am gaining on it. Slowly. But the key is that I am gaining.
One of the fun things about all of this, is coming across lost treasures in boxes and closets that I had forgotten about.
This is one of those. A Braves team set from the 1979 TCMA Baseball set. But we're not talking about Ted Turner's '79 Braves here. Oh no.

May I introduce you to Roy Hartsfield, 1950 and '51 Boston Braves 2nd baseman. Also the very first manager of the Blue Jays.
 Buddy Kerr 1950 and '51 Boston Braves shortstop. I love these photos.
 Del Crandall. Like dayf, I think up until Javy and BMac, Del was the greatest Braves catcher.
 Sam Jethroe. Sam led the NL in steals and runs scored during his first two seasons in 1950 and '51.
 Sid Gordon. Sid was one of the Braves sluggers for a few seasons after being acquired from the Giants. He was one of the ones who moved with the team from Boston to Milwaukee.
 As expected, not all of the vintage photos can be perfect. Such as the case with Vern Bickford here.
 Willard Marshall. Will only spent two season's with the Braves. Leaving for Cincinnati when Boston left for Milwaukee.
 Johnny Logan, one of the Braves best shortstops of all time.
 Some guy named Spahn. I think he was a pitcher.
 Mr Eddie Matthews. Can you imagine sitting in that one room school house learning about fractions or something and looking out and seeing Eddie Freaking Matthews taking some cuts? Class dismissed.
I love these cards.... I may try and find the rest of the set now.... just what I need, right?

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Never seen those before, they look nice.