Tuesday, September 6, 2011

As promised.... Vintage Junkie

As we bring the massive trade post of the Collective Troll and the Cardboard Junkie to a close.... keeping in mind there is still a huge stack of cards from them that I did not scan... I can't help but think of how generous fellow bloggers are. Not only did I receive these great cards from close friends I've never met, but I got four more trade packages in the mail today, as well as winning a contest at Mint Condition. I'm not going to start tearing up here or anything... but you guys and gals are the best. It's no wonder why I just sent out six packages today. I have to try and keep up...

On with the post.. you know the drill by now, and if you don't, scroll down and read some of these posts from earlier. We'll wait.

1964 Braves team card. The last team card of the Milwaukee Braves... there you can see the little person in the tux on the left again...... wait a minute. If this is the '64 Braves team card.... where's that '63 that Troll sent me?
Lucy, looks like you got 'splainin' to do....
 it's the exact same freaking picture in back to back years. On a TEAM card. Apparently Topps learned their laziness over 50 years ago....

whatever.... here we have a '61 Felix Mantilla.
 Felix hit 18 homers for the Braves in six years. He went to the Red Sox and hit 54 homers in three years. Size matters folks. At least stadium size anyways....
Need 'em!!!!

a 1960 Chuck Dressen card... I talked about Chuck a couple of posts ago...
 Got 'em.

A 1959 Lou Burdette error card!!! Lou is not left handed!!!
 We all know by now fun loving Lou was messing with the photographer. That trickster.
Need 'em!!!

My first '57 Topps Brave!
 Andy Pafko. Andy is probably more famous for being card #1 in the 1952 Topps set than for anything he did on the playing field. Oh, and that Bruce Willis movie.
Need 'em!!!

Ohhh... it's getting good people.
A 1951 Bowman Bob Elliott.
 Bob had a pretty darn good 15 year career in the bigs including 6 All Star teams and being voted the 1947 MVP. Bob's best years were the 5 seasons with the Braves in Boston from 1947 to 1951.
Bob's nickname was "Mr Team"
He passed away in 1966 at the age of 49.

Now for the Grand Poo-Bah. This is one sweet card.... Behold the Awesome that is Eddie Matthews.
Words escape me.

Thank you for the package dayf.


night owl said...

Them's some goodies. Just imagine if they were Dodgers.

dayf said...

No probs, it's hard to find collectors who can properly appreciate cards like that Mathews.

Play at the Plate said...

Vintage is beautiful, condition be damned.