Friday, September 9, 2011

Feeding the habit...

Robert, from the fairly new blog, $30 a week habit approached me via the email about a swap. He had a swack of short prints from 2003 Topps Heritage. Music to my ears.... I've been working on this damn set since 2007.
I decided to make Fernando Tatis the lead image, in hommage to his sideburns. Awesome. I might try these and see if the wife let's me get away with it.
 all of these beauties are dreaded SP's.
 as are these.... I told you he had a swack of 'em..
 the Pat Burrel is a variant SP... check out the old logo
 Robert also threw in a psychadelic Chipper
 and a Carey Price card, just to be random.
Thanks for the swap Robert!!!

If anyone else can help me with this set, or any other.... check out my lists and hit me up. WANTLISTS


Robert said...

I enjoyed the trade on this end as well captain!! Hope to trade more with you in the future.

Dave H said...

Fernando Tatis....Love the side burns!