Thursday, January 26, 2012

A complete masterpiece

As most of you are aware, Night Owl started a new feature called 'One Card Challenge.' It, like it sounds, is where everyone can list the one card they need to complete a set. Any set. So other collectors can see it and help each other out. A lot like a wantlist, but in point form, if you will.
I immediately put up five cards I needed in order to put five sets to bed. I got two responses almost immediately.

The first of those arrived today.
Robert emailed me (not sure if he has a blog or not...) and told me Ozzie would be on his way North.
Today ended his journey, and he is now with the rest of his friends in one of my binders.

Thanks Robert!!!!

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night owl said...

You'll have that other one if I can ever get to the post office ...