Monday, January 16, 2012

Joy of a completed set.... almost.

A little while ago I received an email from Kyle of the newish blog Just A Bit Outside. Not sure if he named it in honour of Just A Bit Offside... but he told me he had some '83 Topps off of my wantlist.

Maybe the best set from the '80's...

Pete Falcone Pete was winding down his career when this card came out. Debuting in 1975, retired in 1984. Pete played for four teams, ending with Atlanta. He went 14-11 with 2 saves and a 3.89 ERA in his time with the Braves.
 Terry Forster  Terry debuted in 1971, retired in 1986. He spent '83-85 with the Braves. 7-5 with 19 saves and 2.29 ERA in his stint with the Braves. 
 Mike Jorgensen Journeyman Mike only spent 88 games with the Braves. Acquired from the Mets on June 15th, 1983, he was traded to the Cardinals on June 15th, 1984 in the swap that brought over Ken Oberkfell. 1 HR 15 RBI and a .257 avg is Mike's legacy with Atlanta.
 Craig McMurtry I believe we may have Craig's rookie card here... maybe... I think. 1983 saw Craig go 15-9 with a 3.09 ERA. Craig spent one more year starting and two years relieving for the Braves. After being in the minors for a year, he played three seasons with Texas. Four more years in the minors and then one last hurrah with Houston in 1995. Nice 'stache Craig.
 Pascual Perez Here we have a true odd ball. Pascual's middle name is Gross. 'Nuff said. After acquiring Perez from Pittsburgh, Pascual pitched for four years in Atlanta. In the first three, he went 33-20. In year four, 1-13. Done. Gone. Out of baseball. A year later, back with the Expos, 7-0 and a 2.30 ERA. Go figure.
This little package leaves me with needing only one card. #401. But thanks to Night Owl's 'One Card Challenge' blog, that card is soon to be in my needy hands.

Need one last card to finish that set? Check it out.

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