Friday, January 13, 2012

Sophmore Slump

One of the benefits of a player you like going through the dreaded sophmore slump, is that you are able to pick up cards of them a lot more readily. And cheaply too. Mr Heyward is an example of that.
I've gone from not even seeing cards of his as people hoard them away in tightly sealed vaults, to being able to pick them up at card shows and card shops whenever I want.

I visited one of the local shops awhile back and they brought out this little beauty from behind the counter.
 From 2011 Topps Lineage. No one seemed to like this set but me. Although I still didn't collect because of the price point, and the dreaded UNO backs. But this one had a decent back to it.
 For those of you scratching your heads as you can't remember seeing this one in packs, it's okay because it wasn't available in packs. It was a box topper. And bigger than the normal 2 1/2 x 3 1/2.
Here's a shiny Phil Hughes to demonstrate.
Phil is for trade by the way......

Jason set me back $1.25.

Now the only problem is........ how the hell am I going to store this sucker???


Hackenbush said...

It's a nice photograph of Jason.

Greg Zakwin said...

You could probably toss it into a graded team bag.

hiflew said...

I am having the same problem with my Troy Tulowitzki from that set. I think they make a 4 pocket page that would probably work fine. The problem with that is, can you find three other cards you want to keep the page from looking empty. Well not so much a problem for a Braves collector, you guys get all the cool cards.

Hackenbush said...

You could find some original 1964's to fill out your page. Most are still pretty cheap. There's a Warren Spahn on Ebay now for 5 bucks shipped. Joe Torre's in the set too. There are a couple of Aaron's with .99 starting bids.

Section 36 said...

Trimming it to fit into a sleeve is probably out of the question?