Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I've received a few packages over the last little while. Most of them have included cards from my wantlists, which is awesome.
Some people may not get excited over '89 Score, or '93 Upper Deck... but I do. As long as it's on my list, it's golden.
My pal Jim, otherwise known as gcrl, sent me a few cards the other day. I won't bore you (too late) with most of them, particularly the six cards from 2012 Topps Update that I needed... so I'll so you some shiny instead.
From last year's Bowman chrome, a green refractor of Brandon Beachy. These are awesome. I would like all the colours please.
 Speaking of colours, let's have a xmas theme and show a red bordered parallel from the previously mentioned 2012 Topps Update set. Big Ben came back from two years of injury for one last go. He pitched really well for the Braves, including one last emotional start on the last day of the season against Pittsburgh.
Knowing he was retiring because of another slight injury, manager Fredi Gonzalez told him he was getting the start, and to let it all hang out because he would be pulled after one inning.
Ben lit it up, 12 pitches, 8 strikes, 4 foul balls and two strikeouts in a 1-2-3 inning.
Thanks for everything Ben.

 Another card from 2012 Bowman Platinum... everytime I think I've completed the Braves team set, someone sends me a card I don't already have. That's Bowman in a nutshell.
 a couple of cards that weren't on any list.... from 2003, cards of Al Hrabosky...
 ... and the man himself, Eddie Mathews.
Pretty damn cool. Thanks Jim!

A package is already on it's way in your direction.


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Love the Beachy!

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Great stuff