Saturday, March 30, 2013

Premier League contest - Match 30

Welcome to Easter weekend and match 30 of 38.

After a week off in the Premier League in which we saw most of the players compete for their home countries in World Cup qualifying, we get right back to it.
During the last round of matches, we saw Liverpool and West Brom eliminated from championship contention.

Man Utd 2974
Man City 2959
Chelsea 2955
Tottenham 3054
Arsenal 2950
Everton 2948
Liverpool 3045
West Brom 3044
Swansea 3040
Fulham 2936
Stoke 3034
Norwich 3034
Newcastle 3033
West Ham 2933
Sunderland 3031
Southampton 3031
Aston Villa 3030
Wigan 2927
Reading 3023
QPR 3023

With a win or draw at Sunderland, United will knock off surprising Everton. A win combined with an Arsenal draw or loss and the Gunners are done. A drw or loss also eliminates Tottenham.

At the bottom of the Table, the bottom six all play superior opponents, so they'll all be looking for the upset in order to try and stay top flight.

Reading named their new manager this week. Nigel Adkins, the former Southampton boss, takes over this week. Good luck Nigel, you've got quite the task in front of you. No pressure.

Go United!


Richard Nebe Jr. said...

A real good shellacking, as Arsenal pounds Reading 4 to 1. Yao Gervinho draws first blood with a shot from 6 yards, Santi Cazorla and Mikel Arteta also score for Arsenal, with Reading's lone goal between them by Jobi McAnuff.

dayf said...

Gervinho! Cazorla! Giroud! Arteta!

4-1 Gooners!

Or what Richard said.

Doc said...

Glass cutters...

Commishbob said...

LOL @ Doc. I was going to say it must be cold there.

Anyway Man U topped Sunderland 1-nil on an own goal by Titus Bramble's knee off a van Persie attempt.

Three points for the Red Devils!

Al Kawamoto said...

Southampton 2

Rodriguez (23)
Rickie Lambert (35)

Chelsea 1

John Terry (33

Chuck's Used Cards said...

Henderson and Gerrard score

Liverpool 2 Aston Villa 1

jackplumstead said...

Fulham 3 QPR 2 Berbatov scored 2