Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mike Joy - 2013 Allen&Ginter Wanted Here...

So for those of you that know me well, you know I rarely pay attention. It's not that I don't care, it's, well, that I don't care.
Products are coming out at a feverish pace, and I can't keep up.
I guess it doesn't matter too much being a set collector. I'll get there when I get there. But for the player collectors out there.... you guys are insane. Scouring the interwebs for checklists months before the product hits the street, knowing that you have to find 17 cards of your player before the product is 24 hours old because another product with 13 cards of your guy hits the day after tomorrow and all of the boards will have forgotten about today's product by then...
No wonder you guys look stressed at trade nights.
Me? I couldn't tell you who's in what. And I'm happy being like that. The hours are good and there's no heavy lifting.
Except once in awhile, I miss out on a card that I want, because I had no idea it existed. And then I find out it exists, and the scramble is on.... case in point. This year's A&G. I've avoided it. It's almost twice as expensive here as you can get it online... and there are other things I've been chasing, so I just ignored it.
And now this.
 and this.... (images ganked off of the www)
and apparently there are mini's and base cards as well. Red ink autos too.

Well I want them. If you have any of these base, mini's, relics or autos, I want them. Hit me up via email or in the comments.
And if you know of anyone who has these, send me that info too.... or let them know I'm looking.

Meanwhile I have to go scour the world wide web for some checklists of products that are coming out soon.....


Greg Zakwin said...

I've got the base card for ya. Still seeing what else I have for the Getz.

Mark Aubrey said...

The big question left unasked is, "Why Mike Joy?"

Curious south of the border

Commishbob said...

Don't have any A&G but I'm interested in that Footy Fan of the Week. She's definitely 'three wide in turn four' if you know what I mean.

Captain Canuck said...

aaaaaaannnd bob gets comment of the week.