Monday, September 16, 2013

Something old, something new....

I haven't picked up a lot of new baseball other than trying to desperately complete my Braves team sets from throughout the years. You'd think a lot of these 'common junk wax' cards would be plentiful to find, but no. Not so.
If you have Braves cards from the '90s or '00s, let me know.
But I've still managed to acquire a couple of new to me autos... they must really be valuable as they both came factory sealed in plastic prisons.
Tommy Holmes.

Tommy played almost his entire career for the Boston Braves. (1942-1952) He finished runner up for MVP in 1945. His career batting average was .302. And he his ratio of 28 home runs for every strike out is one of baseball's all time best.
Tommy passed away in 2008 at the age of 91.

 If you like a little more modern feel to your cards....

Julio Teheran

Julio is one of the top young arms in baseball... Baseball America's #1 RHP prospect.
For whatever that's worth.
But he's got a great sig.

Hope you like 'em... I do. And now they're mine.

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Chuck's Used Cards said...

I really have too many caards. Wife and I decided that it time to down size.

I got tons of Braves cards (and all other teams). I'd be willing to trade for some Canadian hockey or soccer that I don't have.