Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Thanks for coming out! Here's a prize...

 the past couple of trade nights at one of the local shops have brought more than just trades or disappointing box busts... they've brought freebies!

now you know how much I like free. If it's free, it's me.

The shop keep likes to hide little gems under the desk for his patrons, and I was the lucky recipient of a goodie each of the last two trade nights.

In September, I got this....
 inside of it, this was hiding...
 BMac! And a sad Dee Gordon sad that he hasn`t lived up to the hype that Topps put on him.

Here`s the back for posterity. Weird that we`ve got the back of Justin Verlander`s card instead of John Jaso.... but Jaso never rang Kate Upton`s bell, so there`s that.

This past week brought another treasure. A Jason Heyward Studio card form some sort of Panini pack giveaway that I knew nothing about. This doesn`t surprise me as I tend to not notice things like this.

and why on Earth would they reproduce this Studio set??? One of the worst sets of all time! Leave it to Panini I guess.

Oh, and there was also this parallel of the Jason Heyward card.

Great googly moogly. What is that?

I have no idea.... but in the Heyward binder it goes.

Thanks Darren!

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Greg Zakwin said...

The Heyward parallel is the Cracked Ice parallel, limited to just 25 copies.