Monday, October 21, 2013

Well that didn't take long.....

so on Tuesday, October 8th, I posted about busting a box of the new shiny Topps Chrome baseball. Of course, it was missing one of the promised autos.
On Wednesday the 9th, I emailed Topps customer service with all of the requested information and attached scans of the upc symbol etc.. as instructed to do by Topps' fantastic website.
Later that day I received an email that they couldn't open the attachments. Apparently .png files are too modern for their software. So I switched to .jpg and re-sent.
The next day I received an email saying the attachments were too large. Apparently 2MB scans will overwhelm their servers.
So I reduced the resolution and re-sent.
I then received an email the next day (the 11th) asking me to send my letter and scans to a different email address within Topps.
Apparently Topps' software does not have a "forward" button. Or a "copy, paste" button either. They must be using Macs or some such useless crap.
So I did my own copy and pasting. And re-sent (for the fourth time) my request to Topps.
Now in my letter, I mentioned that I was a Braves fan and if they possibly had one of those, I'd be really grateful.
I, and a lot of other people have dealt with Upper Deck and they always ask your collecting interests to best match up a replacement whenever possible.
This isn't Upper Deck.
On Wednesday the 18th, FedEx showed up at my door at 2 pm.
I wasn't home. however they left a nice note saying they would try again and 2 pm the next day.
I wasn't home again. Who delivers residential in the afternoon when a signature is required?????
This time they left a not so nice note saying my package would be held at a really inconvenient location nowhere near my home or work until Saturday, where it would then be returned if I hadn't picked it up.
Great. One day to get it or else.
Oh, and pick up times at this remote hell hole are between 1:00 and 4:00 pm.
Apparently FedEx has a sense of humour.
Skipping to the chase, Topps immediately replaced my missing auto. Kudos to them for doing so in a timely fashion.


These babies can be had for $1.50 on Check Out My Cards. Why? Because the Mariners don't have fans or people who collect them. That's why.


I can't complain really. Other than the inconvenient way of shipping, the time off of work to get the damn package, and the fight with Topps' customer care department, everything else went smooth.

Now I just have to locate Brandon Maurer's grandma and trade her this card.


Swing And A Pop-up said...

Sounds like you would have been better off taking your 1 auto and being happy about it.

At least he could have finished signing his name.

night owl said...

They saw that Canadian address and said, "what city is really close to Canada?"

Commishbob said...

Oh my, that had me laughing. Sorry. And that's one of the worst autographs I've ever seen. Does Topps pay these guys a bonus for being part of the auto card thing? If so, they should pay by the letter.

Chris Reed said...

It could be worse. I've emailed Topps 4 times about my missing rip card (for the second year in a row) in my case of Ginter and they haven't yet responded. In fact, i should probably send them a fifth email right now.

Play at the Plate said...

That's good to hear since one of the hits in my GintaCuffs box was damaged.

bamlinden said...

This story deserves a Mr. Furley...


Bummer. At least you got a great blog post out of it.

Stealing Home said...

CommishBob said it.

Even that dude's grandma isn't gonna trade for that squiggle of a mark.

My condolences on your lousy time of it, but it made for a great post.

LOL to N.O.

Dave H said...

Thanks for the laugh at your expense, sounds like some of the postal issues I have had in the past...

Maybe he will be the next King Felix....hang on to that baby!

CaptKirk42 said...

Yeah FedEx and those other guys who deliver have weird times. They tell you to expect a package between noon & 4:00 PM and show up sometime between 4:10 and 5:00 PM. I've had a couple of interesting deliveries from FedEx and UPS and their middle of nowhere that is nowhere close to you pickup locations.

As far as that Mariners auto is concerned check with blogger Mariner1 who runs this Mariners Blog.
"Emerald City Diamond Gems"
He also does this set specific blog.
"1979 Topps"