Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Wanted: A good home for Sammy Sosa.

one of the local card shops has giveaways at their version of trade night. It could be anything from boxes or packs of cards to autographed baseballs to licenced merchandise.
I've won a few of those prizes.... it's always nice to get free stuff. On one of those nights, I was handed a package and told, "Take this home.".
Upon opening it I found a McFarlane version of the one, the only, Chippah!
Very cool. I didn't have it already, so it now sits on my desk, proudly hitting a home run to beat the Mets in Shea every time I look at it.

The only problem, and it isn't really a problem at all, is that Chip came with a buddy.

Sammy Sosa.

Who knew at the time that the reason he was always hopping around was that he was hopped up on 'roids.
I always thought it was because of the cork. But whatever....

Long story short.... Sammy needs a good home. Is there any Sammy and/or Cubs fans out there who would like Sammy for their desk?

All it will cost you is at least one card off of my wantlist. That's it. AND... if you really want it, but can't find a card, I'll send Sammy your way for futures.

So speak up Sammy fans.... first come, first served.


Play at the Plate said...

Who knew that levitating was a side effect of PED use?

Jeff Pedersen said...

I'll take the Sammy McFarlane off your hands. I'll look at your want list today and find something you need. Email me at pedersej at grinnell dot edu

Captain Canuck said...

apparently, Sammy has a new home.
Thanks all.

Chuck's Used Cards said...

I am always looking for McFarlane figures. Sorry I missed this as I would have traded a lump of quality cards ...
Anyone who offers a deal like this will get more than a fair trade.
I prefer hockey figures but will settle for baseball, football and basketball - in that order.