Wednesday, November 27, 2013

1956 a year with many meanings.

say the year 1956 to me and a lot of images go flowing through my head. It was a very influential year on my life. No, I'm not that old, I wouldn't make an appearance for almost another two decades. But 1956 still influenced who I am.
Mainly because of this.  LINK <--- clicky--="" clicky="">
I lost a lot of family in those two weeks. A lot of branches cut permanently off of the family tree.
One of my passions is cars. Yeah, I'm a car guy. Or rather more accurately a former car guy. Not much money left in the budget right now, or even the space to do it either. But it's still there, lurking under the surface.
And what car guy doesn't think of this when hearing 1956?
(I realize some of our female readers may be more inclined to remember the T-Bird or Baby Birds, and that's cool too.)
That's such a cool pic... if I ever need another hobby, it would be vintage card advertising. There's some really great stuff out there.
But for most of you reading here today, 1956 simply means this.....

some really great baseball cards. No fancy cars, no massacre or politics, just the unpretentiousness of beautiful cardboard.
I picked up these two at that card show I was rambling about in my last post.... the seller had a very big pile of these on his table. Including all of the Braves except for Aaron and Spahn.
For all of the Braves there were four marked at $30 or more... the rest he said were $10 each.
Now that's a bit steep. These can be had for under $5 most places.... but here in Calgary, the opportunity to shuffle through a stack of these, choose a couple, and purchase them, here, in person, was too much. So I bought two.
You've already seen Ernie there above. Ernie is a must have for any Braves fan. What a great man.
The second card was a bit tougher choice for me... so many to choose from, none of them wrong. But I finally went with Andy. Andy is smiling at me. And maybe the play at the plate in honour of my North Texas friend came in subconsciously too.

Other than being off center, the Pafko is amazing. Sharp corners, great colour, gloss intact. Amazing.

Both are dark backs if you're into that type of thing...

So while I always think of other things when talking about 1956, for today, it was just about baseball cards. And my two new friends. Who after 57 years have finally found their permanent home. Their journey is over.


bamlinden said...

Gorgeous cards. Simple as that.

Play at the Plate said...

Love that whole set, but the play at the plate cards are amazing. I don't have Pafko yet, but I will. It's really not fair that on my screen, Pafko was right next to the footy fan of the week. I was totally distracted. In a very good way. Nice additions to your collection B!