Sunday, November 24, 2013

let's Play Ball

not sure if you heard all of the cool kids talking about it or not, but there was a card show here in Calgary this weekend. A big one. Well.... a big one for Calgary. It was quite small actually, but we take what we can get here.
There was one seller, whom I'm pretty sure we will never see again here, had some vintage baseball.
I know!
So I bought three cards. I'll show the first off here. It's a little bit older than what I normally feature on here, but just to keep the kids interested, I'll tell you it's a ROOKIE CARD!!!!! MOJO SICKZ!!!
Here is my very first Play Ball card. It's from the 1940 set. Meet Johnny Cooney.
 Johnny was what we'll call a defensive specialist. In a 20+ year career, he hit over .300 six times, finishing with a career average of .286. And a whopping 2 home runs.
In 20 years.
He actually held (maybe still does) a record of most games played before hitting his first home run. His rookie year was in 1921 and a mere 18 years later*, in 1939 he hit his first home run.

Then the very next afternoon he hit his 2nd (and last) home run. Talk about a streak hitter.

Johnny was on a table of one of those sellers that puts high sticker prices on and then puts up a sign exclaiming 50% OFF!!!!!!

Whatever. For $5 he came home with me. A lot like a girl I knew in college. *BOOM*

Johnny Cooney < --------------------- LINK

Born March 18, 1901, Died July 8, 1986. Interred Manasota Memorial Park, Bradenton Florida.
Section 12, Row D, West wing south side, grave 2

*Johnny didn't play between 1931 and 1934.


bamlinden said...


I enjoyed it when you and the seller hugged it out to finish the deal.


Great card to add to the collection. Had a blast at the show.

Boston Bees - Awesome!

Play at the Plate said...

Sweet vintage...glad you didn't have to pay shipping!

Swing And A Pop-up said...

That guy must have worked in retail. They do that here in the states all the time...very high list price, but 50 - 70% off!

AdamE said...

Since I commented after you I figure you didn't see my reply to your comment on Dayf's Playball post.

Captain Canuck said...

too true Adam...