Saturday, November 16, 2013

Will someone, anyone, please explain the MVP voting?

So by now all of you have heard that the awards for baseball have been handed out. All pretty much explanatory save for one huge surprise.

Somehow, someway, Paul Goldschmidt got robbed.

Before the voting was announced, all of the pundits, ESPN, FOX, TSN, etc all predicted Goldschmidt in a runaway. No one was close.

And then voters voted. Perhaps these are the same people doing the HOF voting? Maybe they were busy buying porkbellies and didn't watch any actual baseball this year?
Did Selig open the MVP voting up to the fans like the *snicker* All Star game?

Maybe everyone was wrong.... maybe everyone was mistaken and the select dozen people knew something we didn't.... so let's delve into the stats and see.... I don't pretend to know much, so let's list off some FACTS.

Paul Goldschmidt led the National League in Home Runs(36), RBI's(125), extra base hits(75), total bases(332), Slugging % (.551), OPS (.952), Intentional walks (19), and then again in some catagories that all of you Bill James types worship.... stuff like RE24, WPA, WPA/LI, REW... all of those.

I'm not even going to begin to try and figure out what they are, but the next time Brad Pitt and I have a pop together, we'll get into it, I promise you.

How about the glove? Is Goldschmidt that bad with the leather? No. He led the National league in put outs at his position and was second in fielding percentage. (Second by .001%. That's pretty close if you ask me)

Hmmm... well how about when was he productive? When the game was on the line? Or not?

Well, Goldschmidt led ALL of baseball in go-ahead home runs(20), go-ahead RBI's(37), walk-off home runs (3), game-winning RBI's (19) and RBI's with runners in scoring position (84).

After the 7th inning, Paul Goldschmidt led the National League in home runs(13), RBI's(41) and hits (60).


Andrew McCutchen? The "winner"? He hit .317 with 21 Home runs, 84 RBI's, and 97 runs scored.

Paul Goldschmidt did that after the 7th inning. Imagine if we counted the first 6 innings? Wait. Shouldn't we?

And Pittsburgh being a playoff team has NOTHING to do with this. If anything, it favours Goldschmidt. Imagine what he could've done on a better team?

Paul Goldschmidt got robbed. This wasn't even a close contest.


Anonymous said...

An excellent post!! I love McCutchen but Goldschmidt is really going places and may well be the latest addition to my PC!

It was a travesty of a decision!

Much worse than the Cabrera v Trout debacle! At least you could make a valid argument for both of the AL players who were in the running!!

Goldschmidt was robbed, plain and simple!

Swing And A Pop-up said...

Down in these parts, the prediction on sports talk radio was McCutchen.

Commishbob said...

All that and he was a friend of my son at Texas State University. I like McCutchen but PG wus robbed.

Greg Zakwin said...

There were five legit NL candidates. It was very close, not even close to on par with Trout getting robbed twice, Kemp getting robbed in 2011.