Saturday, May 30, 2015

It's a Feetsball Miracle!

The 2015 World Cup is only six days away. Okay, so it's not then men's, but the women's turn. AND, it's here in Canada. The land of hockey, polar bears, artificial turf stadiums, poutine and the philipp's head screw driver.

I have collectors from all over the world emailing me, asking if I'm swapping stickers, full packets, and empty sticker books. To which I reply, no.


Because here in Calgary, exactly zero places are selling them. Zero. None. Nada.

Granted the ladies do not play here. The closest is Edmonton or Vancouver, but still..... it's the freaking World Cup!


I did manage to find a football (fine, soccer) card at the card show last weekend. It was even an on card auto.

from the 2011 Goodwin Champions set. Kasey Keller.

Kasey was part of four World Cup teams, as well as being the first American goalkeeper to play in Germany and the Premier League. Without him, no Brad Friedel, No Tim Howard, No Brad Guzan.

I think this was an SP? Maybe a case hit? I dunno. It doesn't matter. I found it in a .25 cent binder. And for the show, he had all .25 cards marked down to .10 cents.

Yeah, I pillaged those binders, let me tell you.



Tony L. said...

Keller for a dime? Incredible. I can say that I remember when he first was playing at Millwall back in around 1995 or so. Hell of a Keeper.

Al Kawamoto said...

there selling them here in Brantford at Shoppers Drug Mart

The Dutch Card Guy said...

10 Dutch !!!

AdamE said...

This is supposed to be the blog of baseball cards and hit soccer chicks. The world cup is happening, in your home country even, and no hot soccer pics. He'll I'm even north of the border for this.

On another note, you know any card shops in Vancouver?

AdamE said...

Hot chicks... stupid auto text.