Saturday, November 22, 2008

2007 Topps Baseball Series One Blaster Break

Like I mentioned on A Pack A Day, where I ripped the first pack of this blaster, I bought this, and two other blasters at a card show a week ago. The one good thing I can mention about card shows here in Calgary, is that the focus is so intense on hockey, you can pick up a bargain if your timing is right.
That's right. $5. I bought three blasters because they only had three blasters. Math is simple kids.
If you need a recap of Pack One, click here.

Now that you're back....
Pack Two-
Elizardo Ramirez - Reds
Cincinnati Reds team card
Tony LaRussa - Cardinals
Todd Helton - Rockies
Mickey Mantle Home Run #202 1:9 packs
Frank Catalanotto - Rangers
Eric Chavez Gold Glove - A's
Pack Three-
Hanley Ramirez NL ROY - Marlins
Bronson Arroyo - Reds
Eliezer Alfonzo - Giants
Nick Markakis - Orioles
Ian Snell - Pirates
Hideki Matsui - Yankees

Pack Four-
B.J. Ryan - Blue Jays
Brian Schneider - Nationals
Jake Peavy - Padres
Josh Gibson Home Run #260 1:9 packs
Eduardo Perez - Mariners
Chone Figgins - Angels
Pack Five-
Classic Combo Delgado/Wright - Mets BOO!
B.J. Upton - Rays
Scott Podsednik - White Sox
Jay Gibbons - Orioles
Generation Now Andre Ethier 1:4 packs
Pack Six-
Andre Ethier - Dodgers
Vladimir Guerrero - Angels
Michael Barret - Cubs
Joel Zumaya - Tigers
Own the Game Brandon Webb 1:6 packs
Clay Hensley - Padres
Pack Seven-
Austin Kearns - Nationals
Chris Duffy - Pirates
Brad Ausmus - Astros
Unlock the Mick 2KSports Video Game Cheats 1:18 packs
Chris Duncan - Cardinals
Chuck James - Braves! Finally!!!

Pack Eight-
Adam Lind - Blue Jays Rookie
Preston Wilson - Cardinals
Andrew Miller - Marlins Rookie
Distinguished Service - Monte Irvin US Army 1:12 packs
Emil Brown - Royals
Eric Byrnes - Diamondbacks
Pack Nine-
Dontrelle Willis - Marlins
Curt Schilling - Bloody Sox
Road to 500 ARod #4 1:36 packs
Generation Now Chase Utley 1:4 packs
Adam Loewen - Orioles
Rocco Baldelli - Rays

Pack Ten -
Todd Greene - Giants
Albert Pujols - Cardinals
Mark Ellis - A's
Josh Bard- Padres
Brad Penny - Dodgers
Classic Combos Soriano/Beltran - NL All Stars
Pack Eleven- THE BONUS PACK!!
Adam LaRoche - Braves - HELL YEAH!!! WOOOHOOOO!
Tony Gwynn Jr. - Brewers
Albert Pujols Gold Glove - Cardinals
John Lackey - Angels
Justin Verlander - AL ROY - Tigers
Brandon Inge - Tigers

A quick breakdown:
ARod 1:36 - 1
Mickey Mantle 1:9 - 1
Josh Gibson 1:9 - 1
Generation Now 1:4 - 2
Own The Game 1:6 - 2
Distinguished Service 1:12 - 1
Unlock the Mick 2K7 Sports Video Game Cheats 1:18 - 1
Base cards - 57
Duplicates - 0
Checklists - 1,2,3
Three damaged cards in the box.... all three checklists dinged on the bottom left corner, all three in the middle of their respective packs. Hmmmmm......
I'll bust the other blaster of this sometime next week....


gcrl said...

hey captain - i need that catalanatto for my set. did you get the box i sent your way yet? i have some more braves and laroches set aside, too. let me know please and thanks. and go stampede!


Captain Canuck said...

the card is yours my friend... I'll put in your "mail pile"

I haven't got your package, but things go rather slowly here in the frozen tundra.

Anonymous said...

I will go nuts if I see any deals like that today here in Cincinnati. *crossing fingers*