Friday, November 7, 2008

Card Show Loot!

So Calgary is having their annual card show this weekend. I couldn't attend on Saturday or Sunday, but a little trip there after work on Friday isn't out of the question, now is it?

My wife and I went there with $125 cash to spend. Let's see what we got....

But in the spirit of procrastination... I'll post it a little at a time over the weekend. But first, a little info on the show.

It was actually better than I had anticipated. Around 25 dealers with multiple tables each. Unfortunately, it was about 90% hockey. And still.... NO WAX PACKS!!!! Boxes only. *sigh*

One guy from Manitoba had a lot of vintage baseball.... from 1951 and up... but condition wasn't high while prices were. He even had a complete set of 1950 Bowman. Unheard of around these parts.

Anyways... on to the loot. One guy dug out a dusty binder from under the table when I wasn't impressed with the multitude of hockey jersey cards he had... in it were his baseball "collection"

He admitted he really didn't know much about the cards or the sport. Evidenced by the 100 or so '91 Donruss in pages. He told me to look at the back where some autos were.

I found three interesting ones... he said "2 bucks". I handed him my money happily, while he shook his head at the crazy guy not interested in hockey.

Auto #1

Ed Giovanola IF Braves

Ed never really had a chance with the Braves... moved on to San Diego, then quietly retired. Ed has good timing however... making his debut with the Braves in '95, becoming a member of the World Champions.

I like Ed's signature.... all of us guys with long surnames abbreviate. Deal with it.

Auto #2

Greg McMichael RP Braves

Greg began and ended his career with the Braves. He was a very dependable reliever over his career, ending with a 3.25 ERA.

Greg pitched very well in the playoffs, as he also was part of the 1995 World Champions.

Greg's auto looks very much like mine. Again with the long name thing.

Auto #3 (you knew I saved the best for last)

Eddie Perez C Braves

How cool is that? Eddie freakin' Perez. Ed was many things. The clubhouse joker. Greg Maddux' personal catcher. And a participant in the sausage race in Milwaukee. In a game he played in. He didn't win. Smoltzie will never let him live it down.

Eddie is now a valued member of Bobby's coaching staff. Looking after the bullpen.

So there you have the first part of my haul.... 3 autos for $2. More to come soon...


dayf said...

Nice! I haven't thought about Ed Giovanola in years.

Captain Canuck said...

I think that's pretty safe to say about everyone not named MRS. Ed Giovanola....