Tuesday, November 11, 2008

2008 Upper Deck Football Box Break

Card Show Loot - Post 3

As I mentioned earlier, my wife came with me to the card show on the weekend. She likes this kind of stuff too... although only non-sports and Football. Only 2 out of the 20 dealers there had any wax boxes, and only one had anything but hockey. My wife picked out this box of 2008 UD Football. I paid $75 for it. Yes. You read that correctly. She's always had good luck picking out wax... let's see how she did this time. (That's called foreshadowing kids...)

16 jumbo packs per box, 20 cards per pack. and this, straight from the Upper Deck sell sheet;

Find three Memorabilia Cards in EVERY Box, on average!
Get one Rookie or Veteran Autograph per box, on average!
Look for HOT BOXES containing seven Numbered Memorabilia Cards and one Autograph per box, on average!

Search for rare Iconic Cuts mystery redemption cards featuring cut signatures of sports, entertainment, and history’s most recognizable names.
Collect all of football’s future superstars with four STAR ROOKIE cards in EVERY pack!
Uncover Masterpieces preview cards, falling two per box, on average!

The wrapper is shiny. Another plus according to my wife.

Base cards 1-200

Star Rookies 201-300

Star Rookie SP 301-325

Ouch. That's gonna be tough to complete. Let's see how we did in one box.

Base cards - all 200, plus 48 doubles

Star Rookies - 64 / 100 no doubles

Star Rookie SP's - 4/25

Nice... the SP's are going to kill me trying to get... now how about "the hits"? Two Masterpiece Promos, as promised, On Average!

Wait... oh oh. The Franco Harris is roller damaged on the left border.... crap.

One Starquest insert, On Average! This one is Randy Moss, and is not the regular silver one. I'm not sure whick of the parallels it is though.

One Signature Shot Brandon Marshall, On Average! (does anybody else hate that as much as I do??? No more mentioning "On Average")

The box and sell sheets also promise 3 jersey cards per box. the first is Big Ben Roethlisomethingorother...

the next is Team Colors Jay Cutler. This is everything that is right with jersey cards. The card is coloured according to the players team, great photo, proper placement of the swatch... awesome.
The third is Matt Ryan UD Star Rookie Jersey. Again, a great card. the photo fits the card design. The colouring matches beautifully. And hey, it's Matt Freakin' Ryan!

But wait.... what's this??? Remember the foreshadowing kids? Remember this line???
"Look for HOT BOXES containing seven Numbered Memorabilia Cards and one Autograph per box, on average!"

Yep. My wife did it again.... I wish she could pick out lotto tickets like this....

UD Game Used Jersey Ray Lewis 138/200
UD Game Used Jersey Tony Romo 037/200
TONY MOROMOJO!!!! sorry. couldn't resist.

UD Star Rookie Jersey Joe Flacco 241/350

and another extremely beautiful card....
Team Colors Adrian Peterson 140/299

All Day. Awesome.
Needless to say we were thrilled at the outcome of this box. A complete base set, and a good start on the rookies... the colation in this box was superb.
The photography was incredible... not only the photos used, but they really captured the character and personalities of most of the players.
Finding a "hot box", well that was just bonus. Even with only the promised hits, I still would give this a healthy 9/10
What holds it back? Quality control. the damaged insert, and a lot of the cards have extra silver foil bits on it. Enough with the foil!!!!
If you like football, this is a must have.

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shanediaz82 said...

I don't even collect football cards and I would be happy with a box like that for $75. Great cards!