Sunday, November 23, 2008

Card Show Loot continued...

At the card show last week, I found a couple of packs of 1990 Donruss Cello packs on the dollar table. Sweet! I love these! This was the first set of baseball I ever collected. And they were cello packs too. ( in Northern British Columbia, it was hockey, hockey, and more hockey. When these came out, I didn't know any better. They rocked!)
Anyways, I still need 24 cards for my set. There are 37 cards in a cello pack, let's see how I do.
Pete Smith was picking out through the top of the cello wrapper. A good omen.
Willie Wilson - Royals (does he bunt on every card he has? or is that just me?)
John Cangelosi - Pirates
Kevin McReynolds - Mets
Pascual Perez - Expos
Howard Johnson - MVP insert set
Charlie Hough - Rangers
Kevin Bass - Astros
Rolando Roomes - Reds (Holy alliteration, Batman!)
Mitch Webster - Cubs
Puzzle Pieces 10,11,12 Carl Yastrzemski
Puzzle Pieces 19,20,21

Will Clark - Grand Slammers cello exclusive insert set
Ellis Burks - Diamond Kings
Darrin Jackson - Padres

Bo Jackson - MVP insert set
Dennis Rasmussen - Padres
Greg Cadaret - Yankees
Eric Plunk - Yankees - I need him!!!!
Craig Lefferts - Giants
Ozzie Smith - NL All Star
John Kruk - Phillies - I need him too!!!
Tracy Jones - Tigers
Brian Dubois - Tigers Rated Rookie
Joe Orsulak - Orioles
Scott Sanderson - Cubs
Allan Anderson - Twins
Norm Charlton - Reds
Mark Lemke - Braves - Yeah!!! LEMMER!!!!!!!!
Tim Crews - Dodgers
Jay Howell - Dodgers
Bill Spiers - Brewers
Joe Magrane - Cardinals - Another one!!! That makes three!
Kirby Puckett - MVP insert set
Frank Viola - Mets
Mike LaCoss - Giants
Junior Felix - Blue Jays
Greg Brock - Brewers
Not bad I guess. I got three cards I needed, and two Braves. And a lot of memories brought back.

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