Thursday, February 19, 2009

Time for change...

As a further aside to my previous post. I must say that I have never been a big Griffey Jr. fan. I never saw what all the hype was about. A sometime home run hitter who was below average defensively, and could never play a full season without getting hurt.

However. A lot of people loved the guy. He created fan excitement. I wanted that for the Braves. I wanted a big name free agent to say.."Atlanta is where I want to be." But no.

I am always the guy who is saying, "give the kids a chance, don't trade youth for old vets" Remember the tantrum I threw when we acquired Vasquez???
Anyways. I look forward to seeing Blanco, Shaffer, Anderson, etc... show what they got.

Until then. Until I get to see something exciting, and completely baseball game related, I will abstain. I was going to post a box break of Marvel Masterpieces, or 2007 Traks Nascar. However, dayf is on his own tirade. So, in true Canuck style, I give you a FatRackBlisterPack of 2008/09 O Pee Chee Hockey.
The base cards are okay. Nice big picture, team logo, and position. I kinda wish they had made the brand name a little smaller though. It's retro. We get it.
The backs, however, leave a lot to be desired.

A birthdate? Birthplace? Height? Weight? Favourite colour? Beuller?
In each pack, there is a retro card. Based on the '79/80 OPC design...

I also got a 1st All Star insert of Nicklas Lidstrom... oooohh... shiny!

Not bad. Although at 600 cards, I may not collect this one...... yet.


night owl said...

Oh thank god it's hockey and not NASCAR.

dayf said...

If Griffey hadn't initiated the whole debacle I wouldn't be so apoplectic about it. Wren just needs to play it cool and let the kids get a shot. There will be plenty of out of work outfielders around a couple months from now once we can evaluate everyone.

I want to like this set, but 6 cards a pack and 100 shortprints in a 600 card set scares me off. There's a KMart near me with blasters for $10.99 but I could buy 10 blasters and still not be close to a set. I'd rather spend that on Heritage to be honest.

GCA said...

I got a box of jumbo packs for about $60 and got the entire base set. Not many inserts, of course, but if you're just after the base cards, that's the way to go.

Canucklehead said...

I think the base set for the 08/09 OPC is 600+, which is why after a few packs I decided not to go after it! Put I do like them, the retro are nice additions, but the info on the backs...well there's nothing there! Still nice to know a few other people are collecting hockey too! If you do decide to collect it let me know what you need.