Wednesday, February 4, 2009

BlogWars... the Beginning

For those of you who weren't there...(quite a few of you were), Suzy and Marie from A Cardboard Problem held a live Topps 2009 Jumbo case break on their blog this afternoon. Promises of pictures, Q&A, and laughter were made. Fun was to be had by all.........
They thought it would be fun to withhold certain hits from viewing. mainly, the Braves. Threats were made. A call of a cage match was suggested. They continued to snicker... safely tucked away in the solitude of their lair.
I took a stand. On behalf of Braves fans everywhere. We will not be held hostage to the whims of Yankee fans any longer!

I give you.... a Derek Jeter rookie. Intact. For now.

It's funny what a hole punch can do to micro foil......
Heck, why not cut off his whole head?

That was shockingly mean you say! Derek should be comfortable. Not headless. Okay, let's put him at ease then.

In a dress... fitting for a diva, don't you think???
Game on ladies.... Game on!


stusigpi said...


Sooz said...


you wanna go there?

For the record, withholding the cards was unintentional.

But you started it!

Covered in Wrappers said...

LOL, now look at what you've done.